Yogilates For Strength And Flexibilty

Yogilates is a system of exercise that combines the movements of yoga and piliates. The idea is to use the best of each to help develop strength and flexibility.

Another aspect is that spiritual and mental benefits are emphasized. This can help to reduce stress and improve personal well-being.

They are similar in that they both use various positions or poses. Pilates emphasizes working core muscles to build strength and flexibility. Yoga works on flexibility and low-impact movements. Both require some degree of concentration to perform. They both stress the mind body connection. Proper breathing is another element that both disciplines use. Combining the two is natural because of their similarities. Together strength, flexibility, and overall fitness is the advantage.

The main difference is that pilates uses resistance and strength type movements; Whereas yoga uses the various poses to mostly stretch the muscles.

Yogilates was founded in 1997 by Jonathan Urla. His approach was to develop a system of exercise that would help build muscle tone and help weight loss as well as physical conditioning. He also noted that this activity would help to prevent back injury and build strong abs.

The name itself may be confusing. Urla named his system Yogilates. Another practioner, Louise Solomon named her version Yogalates. Yogilates is trademarked and practiced all over the world.

Some believe that it would be better to practice both as separate types of workouts. Yoga for example, is said to require more emotional mind and body concentration. Urla himself suggests that it is a less intimidating way to workout for the not so young and flexible.

In any case, it is a form of exercise that isn't necessarily exhausing to do. It is enjoyed by people who like to exercise in a class type of atmosphere.

The popularity is growing. There are DVDS, videos, and classes developing all over. Finding instruction shouldn't be too hard to do. It is recommended that you get instruction so that you can prevent injury.

You can easily challenge your body by exercising this way. It's a great way to condition your entire body while helping to emphasize core strength and flexibility.

As always, you should first check with your doctor to make sure you can safely workout this way. It is another activity that can add variety and great benefit to your overall fitness plan. Consider trying yogilates.

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