Womens Strength Training: Benefits For All Women

Womens strength training is often overlooked as exercise that can benefit women. The fact is that strength for daily living is important for everyone. Strength training is a fitness component that needs to be a part of a balanced exercise routine.

Not Just For Men

The problem is that many think that lifting weights or doing strength exercise is only for men. This couldn't be further from the truth. As we age, strength and muscle is lost mostly by lack of use. This causes loss of mobility and can also lead to chronic disease such as diabetes. By following a strength program, mobility can be regained and certain chronic conditions can be improved or reversed.

Big And Bulky?

One myth is that women will get big and bulky if they lift weights. Actually, women would have a difficult time trying to get overly muscular. Strength training will tone muscles and improve bone density. Weight loss and reducing chance of injury in daily life are also great benefits for women's fitness.

Feel Great!

Strength training for seniors can sharpen focus and helps improve attention in older adults. It can do wonders for physical and emotional well-being.

Never Too Late!

The wonderful thing is that strength improvements can be made even for women in their 70's and 80's. Women of all ages should make this type of training a regular part of their exercise routine. Ladies, try womens strength training.

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