Wii Fitness Games: Exercise Games For Fun And Health

Introducing Wii Fit

Wii fitness games offer another way for people to workout and motivate themselves to include fitness into their daily lives. One way to do this is the use of DVD videos. Another way is to use the new exercise game called “Wii Fit”. Wii Fit is a video game program developed by Nintendo that can spice up your regular fitness routine. If you are having trouble staying motivated, or you just like to have as much fun as you can while exercising, this video game just might be the answer. You can be adventurous along with other family members at any age. Why not try something different to help you stick with a daily exercise program?

Wii Fit uses a platform called the Wii Balance Board. A nice feature of the software is that it can calculate body mass index(BMI) according to a users height. The game has 50 different activities, which include yoga poses, push-ups, and other types of exercises. Another cool feature is that it can track a users “Wii Fit Age” using the current age, weight, and athletic ability.

The program is divided into four categories: yoga, strength training, aerobics, and balance games. There are a variety of exercises in each category. As you gain proficiency you can unlock new activities that are more challenging. Total fitness using core movements is emphasized with these activities. You can make exercise into a social event by inviting family and friends to participate with you. This can be entertaining and healthful at the same time. It can encourage families to exercise more together. It can help to make them more health –conscious. Family members can even be more encouraged to go to the gym and other activities as a result of playing the game. Some may criticize the game as a serious workout program. There tends to be a lack of structure because of the participants ability to choose what they want to do. Players may find themselves cheating to some degree which could make the activities easier to perform. Also, because the activities are separated into menus, it is hard to keep up a constant heart rate. However, the overall features of the game can make daily exercise less daunting and more enjoyable. At the very least it can be a fun way to mix up your exercise routines. You might consider spicing up your routine with the Wii Fitness Games.

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