Weight Bearing Exercise: Stop Bone Loss And Enhance Bone Growth!

Weight bearing exercise is the key to preventing or improving bone density. As we age, bone tissue decreases. The loss of bone mass is especially noticed in people who have osteoporosis. The important thing to do is to take steps to treat this condition. Even those with osteoporosis can actually improve their bone health through diet and exercise.
Although there is no cure for osteoporosis, diet, medication, and exercise can help to maintain current bone density. Resistance exercise can help others gain bone growth and mass.
The type of activity you should do are exercises that force the muscles to work against resistance. They strengthen the muscles and cause bones to increase in density.

Vitamin D and calcium are important nutrients to have in your diet. Check with your doctor to determine how much supplementation you may need.
Following a plan that includes strength and resistance exercise doesn't have to be complicated. Simple activities such as gardening, or vacuuming are good to do. Other possible activities are: walking, jogging, jumping jacks, push-ups, weight lifting, stair climbing,dancing, hiking,etc.

As always when starting any exercise program, check with your doctor. If you suspect that you might have osteoporosis you may need to have your doctor do a test for bone density. You can then be instructed on the best exercises to do for your condition.At any rate, you can improve your bones through weight bearing exercise.

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