Weight Training Equipment At Home For Convenience

Weight training equipment can be used at home for your exercises just as well as at a commercial gym. All it takes is some basic equipment and a little bit of space to exercise. There are essentially two types of equipment you need. A basic weight bench, a set of barbells and dumbbells is really all that you need. The good news is that you can find these items pretty cheaply either new or used.

Of course,you can spend a lot and get fancier equipment. But if your goal is to strengthen and firm, then you don't need a great deal of extra equipment. As you get into better and better shape, at some point you may want to add other pieces to your home gym. you can fit the cost of basic equipment into just about any budget.

Weight Bench

The weight bench simply needs to be adjustable for incline work. The types of exercises you would do are mostly for your upper body. Some benches have extra accessories such as a leg extension attachment, and a lat pulley system. Some even have an attachment to work your arms. Keep in mind that you don't want accessories you won't use. Trying a basic setup will give you an idea as to what you actually will use for your home setup. You can always expand at a later date. Along with a weight bench. You will need a basic barbell, dumbbell set. These sets range from 110 pounds on up to Olympic style weights.

There are many weight training exercises you can do with a basic barbell, dumbbell set. It affords you variety in your workouts. Most basic sets are adjustable. You can increase the weights used as you master the exercises and get stronger.

Ab Machine

Another piece of equipment you might consider is an AB machine. An Ab machine can give you variety in your workout also. It isn't a necessary part of a good home gym, but it can be good for a change of pace. You can actually perform a wide variety of abdominal exercises without any special equipment at all. When considering an Ab machine you might check out the ones that are designed to give you some type of resistance. Comfort and affordability are also things to look at when you buy.


The final type of weight training equipment you might want in your home gym is an all-in-one system. These systems are built as a unit that gives you the ability to do a variety of exercises similar to those in a commercial gym. If space is a problem, some of these machines can fit into fairly small areas. Many of the units have stations for upper and lower body exercises. Some are more elaborate than others. Your choice of machines depends on how advanced you are in your routines. Some have more stations and features than others. The major consideration would be how much you would want to spend on a machine.

Setting up a home gym for your weight training doesn't have to be expensive. You can often buy weights, benches, and barbell,dumbbell sets at garage sales. Discount sporting goods stores are also a good source. If you need variety in your workouts all you need to do is get some basic weight training equipment.

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