Water Aerobics For A Fun Low-Impact Workout

Water aerobics is basically performing land aerobics in water. For many people this is a great way to get fit by engaging in very low-impact exercise. It is often used to help rehabilitate sports injuries as well as being a part of a regular fitness routine.

Workouts usually combine a variety of techniques from land aerobics, such as running backward, jumping jacks, and other various arm and leg movements. These workouts also may include equipment such as flotation devices, and ankle and wrist weights. For fun these exercises can be done to music.

This form of exercise helps reduce the risk of injury and can add to your fitness level at the same time. Because of the buoyancy of your body there is less stress on you joints when stretching, and allows a wider range of motion. This makes exercise safe for people able to keep their head above water, including seniors. Overheating can be prevented because of the continuous cooling of the body. Classes at local YMCAs last about 45-55 minutes.

The disadvantage is that you have to have a swimming pool to participate. Also, the cost of membership and other fees may be something you need to consider. But if you are able, this is yet another way to socialize and exercise at the same time as you enjoy a fun way to workout. Consider getting fit with water aerobics.

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