Walking For Fitness Is Perfect For Seniors

Walking for fitness is one of the best exercises you can do for your fitness and health. The two biggest reasons for this is that it can give you a cardiovascular workout and strengthen bones and muscles at the same time. Also it is one of the most convenient ways to workout because it doesn’t require a lot of skill or equipment in order to gain the wonderful benefits it offers.

walking for fitness


To get started on a walking routine just requires the decision to get out and move. The cool thing about walking is that you can do it at any time. You can walk in the morning. You can walk at lunch time or in the evening. You can walk before dinner or after dinner. You don’t have to wait or plan too much to get out and take a walk. Besides a few basic considerations, walking is an activity that anyone in just about any physical condition can use as part of their weekly exercise routine.


The benefits of walking are well worth the effort. It can reduce the chances of contracting various diseases, such as type2 diabetes, heart disease, and anxiety and depression. Physically it increases healthy bone tissue, especially the hip bone, as well as strengthening muscles of the lower body.


Preparing to walk is pretty simple. A couple of considerations would be: (1) to make sure you have a pair of good walking shoes for support and; (2) to make sure you are safe in any area you decide to walk in. It’s not necessary to buy fancy workout clothing in order to walk. Having shoes with a good arch support will help to reduce the stress on your joints . Other than that, just wearing comfortable , loose fitting clothing so that you can move freely is all you need to begin.


For the most part walking is a very safe activity. You may have to take a few precautions if you live in an area that has a lot of heavy traffic. If at all possible avoid busy streets. Walk during the daytime hours, unless it’s a well-lit area. Having a partner along is a good idea , even your dog can come along. If you are walking at night wear bright clothing that can be seen by people driving by. Consider not wearing head phones so that you can stay alert to stray dogs and other possible hazards you may come across along the way. The bottom line is to try to walk in a safe area so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of your walking experience.


Another consideration is to vary your routine from time to time. Do some fast walking, some slow walking, and maybe a little jogging. For variety try carrying a set of small weights in each hand. This can further help you to strengthen your muscles. Ankle weights would also be good tool to use to increase your intensity as you get into better and better condition. One last thought would be to observe good posture, and to walk heal to toe. These suggestions can help you to more fully enjoy walking for fitness.

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