Walking For Exercise: Walk Your Way To Health

Getting Started

Walking for exercise is an activity that most anyone can do regardless of their physical condition. As you begin a routine be sure to wear loose fitting clothing that is comfortable. Also make sure that the shoes that you wear are of fairly good quality and comfort.

Establish a routine at least three or four times a week to exercise. Other times take the stairs when you are out and about. Take some time at lunch for fifteen or twenty minutes. Or travel in your neighborhood around the block a couple of times. Vary your route from time to time to keep your routine interesting.

Make A Plan

After getting permission from your doctor to start an exercise program, start out exercising for only five or ten minutes. Depending on your present condition, you don't want to over do it the first few times out. Consider just going around the corner and back. Or around the block one time. As you start to get into shape gradually increase the time and distance that it takes you.

If possible split your exercise time in half to start. For example,exercise for ten to twelve minutes in the morning or early afternoon. Then take another ten to twelve minutes in the evening. Eventually take fifteen minutes to exercise, then another fifteen minutes later in the day. However you decide to structure your routine, work up to four to five times a week for twenty to thirty minutes.

As a warm up start out slowly and gradually increase your pace as you continue. You should be able to carry on a conversation as you walk. You don't want to be huffing and puffing.Your exercise time should be a fun and invigorating activity. At the end of your routine cool down by slowing your pace then doing a few stretches at the end. The goal is to improve steadily over time. Make your exercise time something you look forward to doing on a regular basis.


It can be difficult to get started or to stay motivated when starting an exercise routine. One way to help you to get and stay motivated, is to find an individual or a group that you can exercise with. It doesn't have to be an organized group necessarily. Just find a friend or family member that is willing to get fit with you. Maybe you can find a few friends or family to participate.

Goal Setting

Another way to help you to stay on track is to use a journal or calendar to plan and keep track of your exercise sessions. If you write down your intended goals for the week or month, it makes it easier to follow through with your plans.

Try placing your workout shoes by the door as a reminder. Whatever you do try to build exercise into your daily life. Make a certain time of day as exercise time; in the morning, lunch, after dinner. Set goals on how far you have walked or how long. It is easier than you think to be involved in an activity such as walking for exercise.

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