Types Of Fitness Training To Transform Your Workouts

The types of fitness training you do depends on your goals. Everything from toning to weight loss can be addressed. There are basically three areas with variations to choose from. They are aerobics, strength training, and flexibility training. If your goal is to get into shape after a long layoff, your workouts wouldn't be as intense as an athletes.

Maybe you're interested in weight control. your would train using a combination of aerobic exercse and resistance work.

Within aerobics you would have circuit training,and interval training.

Within strength training you would have core fitness, muscle building, and calesthenics.

For flexibility you might do yoga, pilates, or tai chi chuan.

The different exercises would be similar no matter what your goals. The main difference is the intensity and time spent working out.

Another type of exercise is geared toward rehabbing various injuries from sports or certain illnesses. They would be done under the supervision of a medical staff.

Aerobics- Aerobic exercise will develop endurance and overall conditioning for the average person as well as for athletes in training. Walking,jogging, and running would be in this category. Circuit training is moving from one exercise to the next in a group of exercies. Interval training is similar except there is a rest period between movements.

Weight Reduction- To lose weight a combinaion of aerobics and strength training would be done. Walking and lfiting light weights would work well.

Sport Specific- The types of fitness training athletes do also uses the basic types exercise but with much more intensity and duration.

Flexibility- Flexibility is important for everyone regardless of your fitness goals. Yoga and activities like tai chi chuan help in this area.

Strength and Muscle Building- Building strength and muscle is also important for everyone. The average person can benefit by improving their conditioning for everyday tasks. Building muscle helps to burn calories and fat. The athlete benefits by conditioning for their chosen sport.

Weight training, calesthenics, pilates,and plyometrics would be used to build strength and muscle.

Rehab Training- Working to recondition muscles after an injury or surgery would involve supervision from a medical professional. The purpose of course is to regain the function of the muscles. The type of exercises would depend on whether strength, flexibility, or a combination is needed.

Be sure to check with your doctor to see which activities would be best for you. A combination of the big three, aerobics, strength, and flexibility would work for most people.Try the different types of fitness training.

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