Track And Field Masters For Seniors

Track and Field Masters competition is for the adventurous at heart. You may have participated in this sport in high school and maybe you want to get back to the thrill of competition. The neat thing about masters track and field is that there a number of possible events you can participate in. If you are more of a runner, the running events may suite you. If you are a jumper you can high jump or long jump, or even pole vault. In the running events there are sprints, middle distance and long distance races.

You can enjoy competing in masters competition no matter what your age. There is a division for anyone who wants to be involved.

In masters track and field, and race walking age divisions begin at 30. The age group for long distance begins at 40.

The most common major events are the National Championships, Masters Invitational, USATF, and the World Masters Athletics.

Training for track and field can be a very good way to stay motivated to stick to a training routine. To relive your days of youth try competition in track and field masters.

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