Tai Chi Fitness To Relieve Stress And Gain Fitness

Tai Chi fitness is a form of exercise derived from the Chinese martial art called Tai Chi Chuan. It is often practiced for health reasons. There are three basic forms from the ancient Chinese: Chen,Wu, and Yang. Chen is the hard and fast style, Wu is the soft style and Yang, which is the most familiar form has slow, flowing movements. The Yang form is the most popular form practiced around the world.

The most familiar form is practiced as a solo form of exercise. Individuals move through various forms or poses as opposed to interacting with an opponent as in martial arts training. It originally started out as a form of martial arts. There are basically two ways to practice the art. The hard form is more for martial arts type conditioning and training. The soft form is used more for health reasons. Because the modern form is practiced for health reasons, the soft style is used most often.

The benefits include increased mental calm and clarity. The physical movements also help to relieve stress of the mind and body. Exercising in this manner helps to improve balance, flexibility, and strength, which makes it a good form of exercise for seniors or those involved in rehabilitation. The slow repetitive movements along with breathing properly, also positively affect circulation and lung functioning.

These types of classes are becoming more and more popular in hospitals, clinics, senior centers, etc., as a low impact, low stress way to work out. Generally, it is practiced in groups or classes. There are a number of forms that are learned as part of a routine. To learn this exercise art form it is recommended that you seek out a class or a teacher that can show you the proper techniques and positions. However, if you don’t have access to a class or instructor, there are various books and DVDs available that can get you started in this interesting form or exercise.

Tao of Tai Chi .Com

A great site if you have thought about trying tai chi for exercise. If your idea of a healthy body includes pain free flexible joints and think you may be able to have this though the tai chi movements then, this may be what you are looking for. This site's tai chi for seniors is a great place to start for the beginner.

For those that are seeking a different form of exercise for variety or change of pace. You can get all of the benefits of mental and physical health by practicing tai Chi fitness.

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