Swimming Exercises Can Be A Great Way To Workout

Exercise Benefits

Swimming exercises can be a great way to workout and to relax. For seniors it can be a very important part of a well-balanced exercise program. Some seniors might even decide to take it a bit further and actually compete in it as a sport. Most people would benefit by using it as recreation and exercise for the whole body.

Unlike jogging and other types of exercise,it is an activity that easier on the body because it takes stress off of joints and bones. It is a terrific way to train if you have sore joints. It is also a good way to rehabilitate certain injuries.

It can help develop a long, lean physique. Although primarily an aerobic activity, it is possible to do resistance training for strength conditioning.

Another good thing is that you can participate either outdoors or indoors depending on where you live and the time of year. Most cities have a YMCA facility that allows for year-around training. If you live where the weather changes seasonally, you can enjoy it at various outdoor venues in season.

The risks are minimal. Some people may have issues with chlorine in the water. Ear infections can bother others. In the outdoors ,sun burn and weather conditions are to be considered. However, if you are simply aware of these things, it's an activity for the most part is a safe fun way to exercise.

Masters Competition

Some seniors may wish to participate in a competitive manner not only as exercise, but maybe also as a sport. Masters competition starts at 25 years old and older. There are various age groups that you can participate in. As far as adults, the age groups are 18-24, 25-29,30-34,35-39. Then it goes in 5 year increments until it reaches the over 100 group.

There are 2 mixed groups(2men/2women) relays, and all men, all women relays. Mixed relays are exclusively in masters competition. The interesting thing is that age groups for relay events are determined by the sum of ages for each team. The groups are 100-119, 120-159,160-199, and so on at 40 year increments.

The minimum requirements vary,the ability to go one length to one kilometer without stopping, for example. It depends on your skill level basically. The governing body for competition is United States Masters Swimming(http://www.usms.org). This organization also sponsors non-competitive"fitness swimmers" who train primarily for the health benefits. If you are looking for a way to exercise your whole body and have some fun at the same time consider getting into swimming exercises.

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