Strength Training Tips: Ten Tips For Health And Well-Being

Strength training tips help to benefit your overall health and fitness. Using these tips will help to get the most out of a regular exercise routine.

Mens strength training as well as womens can benefit.

Check out the following ten tips:

-Workout order-

Work the largest muscles of the body starting with the legs, then work the smaller muscles last in your routines.


Before and after each workout, do a few minutes of stretching to help prevent injury and get the muscles ready to work.

-Prevent injury-

Prevent injury by warming up and by properly performing each exercise.

-Core Strength-

Work your abdominal muscles to build core strength which in turn enhances your ability to do other movements and activities.


When performing exercises it is important to do them with focus and good form. Concentrating on each movement can also help prevent injury.

-Keep a Journal-

Writing down your exercises, goals, and accomplishments, in a journal can do a lot to keep you on track with your fitness goals.

-Choose weights that fatigue-

Do 1-3 sets, 8-12 repetitions of each exercise when lifting weights. Only work your muscles to fatigue and not to failure.


Eating for health and energy is important to overall well-being. Proper nutrition makes continued exercise easier to stick with.

-Train three times per week-

With both men and womens strength training, exercise with weights three days per week. Off days should be for rest and other forms of exercise.

-Increase over time-

Gradually increase the amount of weight you are using over time. Take your time as your strength increases.

Use these tips to stay on track in your daily exercise routine. strength fitness tips

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