Strength Training For Seniors: You're Never Too Old To Improve!

Strength training for seniors helps to improve the quality of life. By exercising the body with strength exercises, seniors can get through their daily tasks much easier.

The good thing is that you are never too old to do strength training. It's possible to improve well into advanced age. The following benefits show why resistance training is the way to go:

-Burns calories

-Preserves muscle mass

-Builds strong bones

-Controls weight

-Reduces injury risk

-Manages chronic conditions such as arthritis, obesity, back pain

How to improve strength? You have options. Depending on your schedule and lifestyle, you can either workout at home or in a gym setting. At home you can easily use your bodyweight for many exercises. You can also use resistance bands. Light dumbbells are also ideal for home workouts.

In a gym setting you have a choice of free weights or weight machines. You may even consider all options for variety.

You only need to workout three days a week to get good results. The other days of the week can be used for other types of exercises, plus rest for your strength training.

Remember, you are never too old to workout. Consider strength training for seniors.

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