Strength Fitness Training Helps To Get You Mobile

Strength fitness training is important for seniors to gain or maintain the use of the muscles. When people neglect to incorporate any type of regular movement into their life, the result is decreased mobility and lack of balance. By exercising the muscles through resistance exercise, mobility and balance can be restored and improved.

The most important muscles to begin training are your leg muscles. Incorporating walking into your weekly routine is a good start. Then specific exercises such as squats will further develop your legs. It's a good idea to add exercises for the entire body as you get more and more fit. When you include a variety of exercises for your body you enhance good posture and overall mobility as well.

Strength training can be in the form of weight training at home or at a gym. It can also be done with resistance bands. Or you can perform exercises with just your body weight. If you are just starting out with resistance training, using your body weight is an excellent place to start.

You don't have to use a lot of exercises to start. Just pick one or two movements for each body part. Start with your biggest muscles(legs) then work to the smaller muscles. Repeating each exercise after a brief rest. Try to establish a workout at least twice each week. Eventually working up to twenty or thirty minutes each session is the goal.

Here are some other exercises you can try which also help to improve your muscles. Tai Chi is a low-impact exercise form that can be a gentle way to get back into shape. There are videos and books available that are just for seniors. Pilates is a form of exercise that can strengthen and improve flexibility. Pilates can be done in a gym setting or you can also find instruction on video and in books. Yoga is yet another low-impact activity that also can improve strength. Yoga can also improve balance as well as flexibility.

Improvement in overall health is the goal of an exercise program. Using resistance training and flexibility training should be done on a regular basis. As you put your routine together try some of the different types of exercise forms as part of your resistance exercise. This type of activity is important in your strength fitness training.

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