Squash Sport For A Fast Paced Workout

Squash sport is a racquet game that is similar to handball. Two players play on a team or doubles can be played. The ball that is used is a small hollow rubber ball.

As far as skill is concerned, it is similar to tennis. You may not have seen it on television because it is such a fast paced game. It would be difficult to keep up with the action. However, it is an excellent way to workout. If you have played tennis or any other racquet sport the learning curve for squash shouldn't be too steep.

The size of the court is 32ft. by 21 ft. wide, 15 ft. above the floor. The size of the racquet is 27 in. long, and 8.5 in. wide.
If you are looking for an activity that is different or for more variety. This may be what you are looking for.squash sport

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