Sleep And Sleep Disorders Can Affect Your Health

Sleep and sleep disorders can affect your health.Sleep isn't normally thought of as an activity. But the fact is that sleep is as important an activity as exercise and nutrition for an overall healthy lifestyle. Insufficient sleep along with lack of regular exercise can bring on the effects of chronic diseases. Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease are some that are associated with lack of sleep. Therefore, being active and getting proper sleep go hand-in-hand to prevent or control the onset of chronic illness.

Also keep in mind that lack of sleep causes machinery-related accidents and motor vehicle accidents each year, which causes injury and disability. Driving while sleepy is obviously a dangerous thing to do.

About 10% of the population experiences chronic insomnia. The rest of us experience occasional insomnia. The bottom line is that sufficient sleep should be considered an important part of any effort to be active and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Be sure that you set up a plan to exercise on a regular basis, start a simple diet plan, and to get sufficient sleep so that they you can prevent or better control the onset of chronic diseases caused by sleep and sleep disorders.

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