Sex For Seniors: Promotes Quality Of Life For Fitness/Health

Sex for seniors can make for a better quality of life. There are various health and fitness benefits that sex can enhance. These benefits also include mental health as well as the physical. Seniors and sex can go hand-in-hand as a means of exercising and reaping health benefits. Being active sexually helps to overcome the "use it, or lose it" syndrome. By being active, you maintain the ability to stay active in regard to sex.

Exercise in general is important in order for you to enjoy an active sex life. Sex and fitness together enhances self-image as well as reduces the stress in ones life.

Even if you have certain chronic conditions such as, arthritis, heart disease, etc., you can still benefit from an active sex life. There may be modifications and treatments that need to be done. But in general, most reasons for not having sex in your later years is just an excuse. With your doctors permission you can be active sexually with the idea that sex is good for you.

The goal is to enjoy your life by being active mentally and physically. Sexual activity should be a part of your life no matter how old you are. Quality of life and longevity are super benefits of sex for seniors.

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