Senior Softball For Fun And Leisure

Senior softball is another good way to relive the days of your youth. If you liked playing baseball as a kid. Softball may be a good alternative for you now. Softball is played with a bigger ball than baseball. The rules of the game are very similar to the rules used in baseball. Many people are familiar with softball because girls tend to play softball in middle school and high school programs rather than baseball. There is no reason seniors cant' play softball if it is a game they enjoyed when they were younger.

There is a modification of rules depending on the skill level of players. Basically there is fast pitch and slow pitch. Two major softball organizations are the International Softball Federation and the Amateur Softball Association.

Sports fitness and leisure can go hand-in-hand with softball to help make a fitness routine more fun. Because softball is a more slow paced activity compared to others, it is well suited for any age group. It can be added to your regular exercise routine to help you stay active.

Softball is yet another way you can stay active and have fun at the same time. As an older adult, consider being active with senior softball.

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