Senior Sex: Is It Good Exercise?

Senior sex is good exercise and can be beneficial to overall health. Research shows that it can actually help to prevent heart attack and stroke by about half.This is about the same benefits that vigorous exercise lasting 20 minutes or longer has.

Another benefit of sex for seniors is that it involves social interaction which also affects health in a positive way. Generally it takes a supportive, loving relationship to engage in sex on a regular basis.

Fitness and sex don't have to be separate or absent from the lives of older people. There is no reason that sex can't be enjoyed by reasonably healthy individuals as a part of being active.

Loving sexual relationships aren't always easy. In some cases, medications for certain illnesses can interfere with sexual functions. But with the success of pharmaceuticals such as Viagra and other treatments, sexual difficulties can be overcome.

The primary thing to think about as you age is that, "you lose it if you don't use it", meaning that the more you engage in sexual activity the better it will be for you. Seniors and sex can go together. There is no reason you can't enjoy sex many years into your golden years. No matter what your age, sex is good exercise!

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