Senior Health Fitness: The Key To Staying Strong And Energetic

Senior health fitness involves a three prong approach. Putting these three together will improve health for a good quality of life.

The one thing that older adults need to remember is to move. There is a tendency for seniors to move less rather than more as they age. exercise and movement

The good news is that no matter what condition you are in. It is possible to get more movement into your life. As long as you have a doctors permission to do certain types of exercise, you can begin moving. Even those that are chair bound can benefit from exercises that can be done while sitting in a chair.

The benefits of movement and improved health habits are great. They range from improved sleep, mood, and brain function; to weight loss, reduction of chronic disease, and improved strength balance and mobility.

Senior fitness programs should be designed around primarily two areas;cardio and strength training. Walking is the best place to start for cardio. Small free weights or resistance bands can help you to build strength.


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Senior exercise is very important for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. Changing nutrition habits and beginning to put movement into your life will do wonders for your senior health fitness.

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