Quick Workouts When You Are Short On Time

Quick workouts can be valuable when you are short on time, and want to exercise to stay in shape. There are times when personal schedules get busy, and it becomes hard to find time to stick with a regular routine.

Short workouts are a good way to maintain your fitness level until you can get back to your usual workouts. These types of workouts can be done on a daily basis wherever you can fit it into your day.

Even a quick routine that takes five or ten minutes would be very beneficial. The important thing is to be consistent for brief periods as you plan to get back to your usual thirty to sixty minute routine.

Another benefit would be a change of pace. From time to time, it's a good idea to change your regular workouts so that you don't get burnt out. Doing different exercises helps to keep things interesting for your workouts.

These types of workouts are temporary until it's possible to get back to a normal schedule. So, remember that being active is the most important thing.

A workout that involves the major muscles of the body is a good idea.

Here is a sample routine that uses a pair of light dumbbells:

-Stand with the dumbbells at your side, feet shoulder width apart. (Squat) down until thighs are parallel to the floor. Return to starting position and raise up on your toes.(toe raise)

-With dumbbells at your side, lift them up to your chin and back down.(upright row)

-Next, (curl) the weights up to your shoulders. Continue to (press) the weights overhead, back to your shoulders. Then curl back down to the starting position.

That would be one set. Make a goal to work up to three sets of 15 reps total. Also increase the starting weights as you get used to the routine.

You can do other types of exercise such as walking , stair climbing, jogging, push-ups, ab crunches, etc. The key is to do something that keeps you active.When you're short on time and need to do something quick to stay in shape, consider quick workouts.

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