Plus Size Fitness: You're Not Too Overweight To Exercise!

Plus size fitness may be a new concept for you. But the fact is that just because you are overweight, doesn't mean you can't follow a program to improve your fitness level and quality of life. For many people losing weight is the main focus of an exercise program. And while this could be one of your fitness goals, being healthy and fit should be the main focus. It actually doesn't take much exercise to make a difference in your life. You can benefit from a fitness routine even if you don't lose a great deal of weight. Plus size fitness is for those that are more concerned about health issues than their weight. Before starting a new program of exercise you should determine, along with your doctor, where you are physically. Are you considered overweight or are you considered obese. One way to check this is to have your BMI(body mass index) calculated. If your BMI is between 25 and 29 you are overweight. A BMI greater than 30 means you should definitely check with your doctor before starting an all out program of dieting and exercise.

Small Changes, Big Difference

The good news about plus size fitness is that no matter where you start, even a small change in movement and diet can mean a big difference for you. Conditions such as high blood pressure,diabetes, etc. can be prevented or improved just by adding exercise to your life. Even if you don't end up losing a great deal of weight, you can still improve your fitness and health for the better.

Start Slowly

Starting out slowly is the key to success with exercise. Once you are cleared by your doctor to exercise, easy and slow is best. Walking is one of the very best ways to start moving. Taking the time to walk for five to ten minutes and gradually working your way to twenty to thirty minutes is a good way begin. Try to make a schedule of walking daily or at least four days per week. As you start to get into better shape you can start explore other options to add to your daily routine. Other workout options could be using a treadmill, doing yoga, strength training, etc..

Diet Without Dieting

The primary goal in the beginning is to simply to get moving. As you continue, you might want to take a look out your diet. Try dieting without dieting. Instead of saying, "I need to lose thirty pounds." Why not just change one thing at a time about your diet. Perhaps start eating a healthy breakfast each morning.

Or, eat a couple more pieces of fruit each day. Don't try to change your whole diet all at once. Again, the main thing is not to obsess about losing weight. Instead focus on getting healthier by exercising more and eating better.

Plus Size Fashion

Once you've made a decision to get moving, you can figure out where to work out and what to wear. Working out at a gym may be intimidating to many. If that is the case there is no reason not to start out at home. One concern of overweight or obese people is what do I wear to workout. You should be able to move freely and comfortably when you workout. The good news is that the fashion industry is starting to realize that plus size people need to have great looking clothes to exercise in also. There are resources now that can help you find fashion options for your workouts.

Movement And Improvement

Once again, check with your doctor to see where you can start a program of fitness. Make movement and improvement your goal, rather than just trying to lose a certain amount ofweight. Getting healthy should be the ultimate goal. Take your time and just get started on your journey to plus size fitness.

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