Pilates Exercises Amazing Benefits

Pilates exercises is a fitness system developed in Germany during the early twentieth century by Joseph Pilates. He developed his system to use the mind to control the body. The focus is on the core muscles of the body to strengthen and balance the support for the spine. Concentration and breathing are key components of this method. The movements are based on yoga postures and aerobics.

There are 6 core principles are : breathing, centering, control, concentration, flowing movement, and precision. Centering involves the core muscles(abdomen, hips, lower back, buttocks-called “the powerhouse”). Because it is a low impact type of exercise, the idea is to perform the movements slowly and with good form. Breathing and concentration are emphasized during each movement.

This system of exercise is a good method of exercise for everyone. Age is not a factor in doing this type of exercise. It can not only strengthen the muscles, but it can also help to enhance flexibility. It creates long muscles as it develops the entire body.

The original program consisted of 34 exercises done on the floor or on a mat. A piece of equipment called the Reformer was designed to strengthen and lengthen the muscles. If you have ever watched an exercise infomercial, you might have seen the more modern version of the Reformer advertised as giving a good fitness workout.

It can be used as a workout regimen for sports fitness. It can be used as a general wellness program. And it can be used as rehab/ physical therapy. The fact that it emphasizes the core muscles which include the spine, it can help to ease and eliminate pain associated with certain back problems. If you have such a problem, be sure to check with your doctor before participating.

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Depending on your fitness goals,this system of exercise can be a very good part of your overall program. You can learn it by going to a local YMCA or fitness center. You can also take advantage of the various DVD’s that can get you started in learning how to correctly do pilates exercises.

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