Physical Activity: Can You Fit It Into Your Daily Life?

Physical activity is the key to long term health, fitness, and longevity. Many senior citizens seem to neglect this aspect of their lives for various reasons. They pay a price for physical inactivity. The benefits of exercise and good nutrition are undeniable.

The benefits of activity, meaning getting yourself moving on a daily basis, are many. There are three areas where you can incorporate increased movement into your life.

Physical activity lady

At Home:




Mowing the lawn

Home Gym

Walk the Dog

At Work:

Walk at Lunch

Stretch at you desk

Join a gym close by work

Take the Stairs whenever possible

Walk around the office as you talk on the phone

Take the stairs instead of the elevator physical fitness stretching lady

At Play:

Take family outings

(hiking,swimming,etc.) Take play equipment with you(ball,


Rediscover a favorite sport

Dance to your favorite music


Weight control

Reduced heart attack risk

Increased mobility and strength

Improved mood

Increased protection against certain cancers

Improved bone health


Reduced cardiovascular disease

Don't forget to check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program. But keep in mind that any movement that you can do goes a long way toward better health and fitness. Try to get yourself moving on a daily basis. physical activity

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