Motivation To Exercise: 6 Keys To Keep You Going

Motivation to exercise is something everyone must have in order to succeed with a regular workout routine. It's a mental process that all must go through when pursuing fitness goals.

The mental aspects of exercising are often overlooked. It takes a personal commitment that allows you to succeed. Each individual must decide on their reasons to exercise.

There are 6 keys that can help you to be motivated to exercise on a regular basis.


The main thing to consider when thinking about motivation for exercise is the benefits. Why do you want to be fit? Do you want to be able to walk a flight of stairs without getting out of breath? Do yo want more energy? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to live longer? Do you want to improve or prevent diseases, such as heart disease or diabetes?

Each individual needs to decide what benefits make it worthwhile to exercise. Everyday the benefits should be in the back of your mind.


Once you figure out your reasons for getting fit, set some goals. Make your goals short, medium, and long term. For example: Today I'm going to walk for five minutes. Next week I'm going to walk for ten minutes. Next month I'll walk for twenty minutes. In three months I'll walk for thirty minutes non-stop.

Setting short doable goals is better than trying to get fit all at once. Then reward yourself after accomplishing each goal you have set. Buy yourself some new walking shoes. Or, buy that new book you want to read. Think about rewards that can you look forward to.


Getting support from a spouse, friend, or family member can be very helpful. When you involve other people in your program they can help make you more accountable. You can make verbal or written packs to each other to promise to keep up exercise motivation.


Decide on a time to workout that fits your schedule. Working out in the morning may work for you. It can help give you energy throughout the day. Or maybe an afternoon workout will work for you better. There is no set time of day that is best. It all depends on your schedule and time available. If time is short, you can break up your workout into one or two sessions. It's not necessary to do your whole routine at one time.


As you plan your workouts, it's a good idea to write down your exercises, goals, and thoughts on paper. You can then look at your progress each day, week,etc. Your motivation to exercise will increase as you stick to your plans.


You may think, what does diet have to do with motivation to exercise? Well,it's important to adopt a good diet so that you can have the energy to workout. If you don't have energy, you won't feel like working out. Both exercise and diet go hand-in-hand to help you feel energetic. You then can get through your daily schedule and still have the energy to be active.

As you think about your reasons to get fit, don't forget it's a mental process that you go through to help you form the habit of exercising regularly. Focus on two or three benefits to jump start your motivation to exercise.

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