Marathon Competition For The Ambitious

Marathon competition can be good for anyone who is ambitious in their fitness goals. Most participants do not run a race to win. Personal bests in their age group, or gender group are usually the reason to run. Setting goals to finish seem to be much more important than whether you actually win the race or not. When you reach your personal goals it is very satisfying.

If you are a person who likes to run and set goals and achieve them, preparing for a race can be challenging and fun. Again, age is not a barrier due to the various age and gender groups involved.

There are usually a couple of strategies that are used when running a race. Some run the whole distance. Other use the run/walk strategy where they walk and run alternately throughout the race. Since the object for most is to finish the run/walk works well for many.

The average time for men to complete a race is 4hours, 32 minutes and 8 seconds.The average time for women is 5 hours 6 minutes 8 seconds. A race is 42.195 kilometers(26 miles 385 yards) in length.

Three of the most well known races are the Boston Marathon, New York Marathon , and the National Marathon. There is a qualifying time based on your category for the major racing events.

When training for a race recreational runners typically run 20 miles in their longest run in a week. They run about 40 miles for the week.

As you set your fitness goals why not try running in a marathon competition?

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