Lung Exercise: How To Improve Lung Capacity

Lung exercise helps to strengthen and improve the function of the lungs. It enables you to exert yourself without getting out of breath. It also impacts your overall health.

By strengthening the lungs, you improve oxygenation to the body. This helps your metabolism. It helps to relieve stress. Your body benefits in improving in all important functions.

Even pulmonary patients who have smoked or have some other type of lung disease, can benefit from certain breathing exercises.

There are basically two ways to exercise your lungs. You can utilize various aerobic exercises. The other way is to do breathing exercises. Both activities can be used together to help you get fit.

You can explore the following activities to improve your lung capacity:

-Exercise in water







-deep breathing

-yoga breathing

-circuit weight training

Any activity that you do should make you breathe at least a little harder than normal. Don't over do it. Also, check with your doctor to be sure you can engage in certain activities.

For beginners or those that are rehabilitating from a lung disease, deep breathing can be very good.

Focusing on improving your breathing can help to make all aspects of your activities more enjoyable. You won't be out of breath when you're active. You will have more energy. You'll be less stressed and more relaxed in your daily life. Any exercise routine you do will get easier as you are able to get more oxygen to your lungs and muscles. Get active with lung exercise.

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