Isometric Exercises Power Up Your Workouts

Isometric exercises can add to a strength program to build strength and power. Although this type of exercise isn't as popular as it once was, it still is an option for those that want a quick workout. It also adds to having variety in your exercise routine.

The advantage to isometric training is its simplicity. You don't necessarily need any special equipment to workout. It also only takes a few seconds per exercise to perform each exericse. It's possible to get a some exercise in just sitting at your desk.

You are basically working one set of muscles against another. For example: To work your biceps, hold your arms at a 90 degree angle.You would just put one hand palm down, and the other palm up. You would then push down with one hand while pushing up with the other. You would tense your muscles for 7-10 seconds then release.That's all there is to it. It is very easy to be creative and come up with other movements to work your muscles. Tensing as hard as you can briefly for each exercise is all that is required.

Here is a sample routine that you can follow:

1. Doorway Jam exercise for shoulders: Stand in a doorway. Place your hands on either side of the door jam. Push out as if you were trying to push the doorway apart. Tense for -10 seconds.

2. Doorway Jam exercise 2 for shoulders: Stand in a doorway. Place both hands above at top of the doorway. Push upwards tensing your muscles for 7-10 seconds.

3.Chest pull for shoulders and back: Clasp both hands together from the finger tips. Keeping your hands together, try to pull your hands apart in opposite directions. Tense in this position for 7-10 seconds.

4. Chest exercise: Put your palms together in front of you as if you were praying. Push your hands together for 7-10 seconds.

5. Abs exercise: Bend over at the waist. Place your hands on your knees. In this position, push down on your knees for 7-10 seconds as you tense your ab muscles.

6. Wallsit for legs: Stand in front of a wall. Slide yourself down until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds.

7. Toe raise for lower legs: Raise up on your toes. Try to hold this position for 10-30 seconds.

Isometric workouts can be a good addition to your regular workouts. No special equipment is needed. It doesn't take up a lot of time to perform the exercises. Check with your doctor to be sure it is safe for you to include isometrics in your training. If you have high blood pressure or heart disease you need to be cautious with this type of exercise. isometric exercises

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