How To Get Fit

Take Control Of Your Health

How to get fit is a question that can easily be answered. It's an important process that everyone should be concerned with. Getting fit means taking control of your health. Basically it involves a three pronged approach. The three areas are exercise, healthy diet, and rest. Paying attention to these three will help you to reach your fitness goals.


First assess your present condition for exercise. This should be done by visiting your doctor. He/she can help you to determine what exercises are safe for you to do. Also take into consideration what you would like to achieve through exercise. Do you want to get back to a favorite sport. Do you want to lose weight. Or do you simply want to be able to walk and not get winded. Being active is an extremely important habit to get into.

Eat A Healthy Diet

The next important step is to start paying more attention to your diet. Eating better has great benefits. You can look forward to increased energy and weight loss as a part of eating well.

Get Your Rest

One area that some neglect is getting the proper amount of sleep and rest. In order to have the energy to work out you need to get your sleep. The amount of sleep is an individual matter. Six to eight hours every night is the amount recommended.

Set Realistic Goals

Once you start to improve your fitness level, you will have setbacks from time to time. Motivation to continue is something that will help you to stick to a regular physical fitness program. There will be days that you won't feel like exercising. Some days you won't eat the right things. But you need to just start over where ever you are and continue. Don't give up just because you have an occasional setback.

Probably the best way to stay motivated is to write down your goals and review them on a regular basis. Keeping a journal of what you are accomplishing is a powerful tool.

You also might try affirmations. This is basically reciting positive statements that remind you of your goals. They can actually be your goals simply stated in sentence form. Repeating affirmations two or three times a day can help your motivation.

Finding out what type of activities you enjoy is also a great way to stay motivated.

Learning how to get fit isn't complicated. You can learn from various sources. Gym programs, DVDs, books, personal trainers, and online training are available.

Start Slowly

A mistake that many make is to try to do too much starting out, or starting over. Getting back into shape isn't a quick process. But it should be a steady progress. Stat out doing a little at a time. Gradually as you get into better and better condition, you can increase your intensity with exercise. As far as your diet is concerned, little by little change bad eating habits into better ones.

Plan to follow your exercise routine 3-5 times a week. Include strength training, aerobics, and flexibility as part of your weekly workouts. Be sure to check with your doctor to help you develop a routine to fit your condition. You can take control of your health and fitness today. How to get fit

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