Health Related Fitness For Total Wellbeing

Health related fitness is a balanced means of having well-being. This means that both physical and mental well-being is the goal. Looking and feeling your best can be achieved through the components of fitness. The five components of fitness are cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, and body composition. All five work together to develop total well-being.

Skill related fitness tends to be a less balanced approach to fitness. Athletes in most cases are involved in training for a specific sport. They work their body emphasizing muscles for certain movements of that sport. Although athletes train primarily for performance reasons, health is a major consideration that helps them to participate in their sport longer and more effeciently.

There are many benefits to exercising for well-being. These benefits would include mental health as well as physical health. The goal being to enjoy everyday activities to the fullest

Improving your diet goes a long way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Getting your rest also plays an important roll in achieving total well-being. Eating properly and getting your sleep works with the five components of fitness. Your energy level is improved which positively affects everything you do. This allows you to continue to get as healthy and fit as possible

Another benefit would be reducing the risk of injury. This is helpful as you are able to enjoy leisure and recreation activities more. Exercising makes it possible for your to be fit enough to enjoy physical activities of various types. Bowling, tennis, dance, etc. are more fun when you are fit enough to enjoy them.

Visiting your doctor on a regular basis is an excellent idea. He/she can help you to decide what areas of fitness you should improve. Your personal health is the most important thing. As long as you plan to build total well-being through balanced training and nutrition, you will achieve your goal of health related fitness.

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