Fitness Plans: Make Your Program Fit Your Needs

Fitness plans should be made to help you succeed in putting a personal fitness program together. If it is your first fitness program, start small and work your way up. It’s always a good idea to begin slowly and to gradually build your fitness level to where you want it to be. Be sure to take your present physical condition and goals into consideration as you begin planning. Also, don’t forget to check with your doctor so that you know what activities you can safely pursue.
Work out how often?

Decide how often you want to do your scheduled workout. You can easily work around your daily schedule. Simply plan to work out in the morning or afternoon. It really all depends on how much time you have to devote to exercising. How many days per week can you work out? 3,4,5,6 days a week? Try to get in at least 3 days per week. Even two days a week can still be beneficial.
What Exercises?

The exercises you do would depend on your short term goals. As you plan, make sure that you try to address both aerobic and strength activities. A simple three day plan would be to do walking one day, say Monday; then on Wednesday do some aerobic exercises; then on Thursday do strength training.
How Long To Exercise?

Again, the length of your routine will depend on time available and your goals. A good place to start would be to work out in 10 minute sessions; then over time increase to 15 minutes, and eventually 30 minute sessions. However, don’t’ forget that you can divide your sessions into 5-10 minutes at a time. You might have a few minutes in the morning to exercise, then 10 more minutes after dinner in the evening. You can break up your sessions any way that suits your schedule.

Alternate Your Program

It’s a good idea to alternate your program from time- to- time. Variety is good for you, and helps you to stick to being active with your routine. Maybe walk one day, then jog another, or ride a bike on another day. Adding variety helps to work your muscles a little differently each time also.

Make an Appointment

How about making an appointment with yourself? Write down your plan to work out in your day planner, or on a piece of paper where you can see it during the day. Treat it like you would any other important appointment you have to keep.

Choose Your Equipment

Choose what type of equipment you want to use to work out. Do you want to use a balance ball, weights, weight machines? Is the equipment available at home or the gym? Or do you simply want to exercise without equipment. It doesn’t hurt to alternate the different types of equipment or non-equipment for varieties sake.

Set Your Goals

Set small reasonable goals and increase or alter your program accordingly as you reach each goal. Chances are it took you a long time to get out of shape. Therefore give yourself some time to get back into shape. Writing down your goals and reviewing them periodically can make a big difference in the success of your fitness plan. Nothing is set in stone. You can always cut back or start over as you see fit.

Socialize Your Program

If motivation is a concern for you, try socializing your program. Make it a social meeting and have a workout buddy. You’re less likely to let your friend down when you make an appointment to exercise together!

Talk To Your Doctor

Lastly, talk to your doctor about your fitness goals; remember to consider any health concerns you may have. Your doctor can help you decide on exercises that you can do safely as you plan a new fitness schedule. Then, if you choose, you can talk to a personal trainer who can help you to further plan your routine, if you choose to work out in a gym setting. Start today to set up your personal fitness plan. Fitness plans

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