Fitness For Golf: 3 Steps To A Better Golf Game

Fitness for golf can make playing the game of golf more enjoyable. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, there are three areas that can make a difference in your game. All three areas deal with prevention of injuries associated with golf; prevention, conditioning, and mechanics.

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Playing any sport well takes a certain amount of fitness. Each sport uses specific muscles during the sport. Golf happens to be a sport that involves equipment that is used throughout the game. In order to play well, your muscles must be conditioned to use that equipment. If you are not conditioned enough to use that golf club, then you are open to injury.

To prevent injury, it is important to do some golf fitness training before hitting the golf course. Do exercises that strengthen muscles, and flexibility exercises . Doing a few simple exercises each week can help you to stay in the game. When you get to the golf course, be sure to warm-up first , then take some practice swings before you start playing.


Try to incorporate exercises that emphasize the muscles used in playing golf. The back muscles are a good example of major muscles used in the golf swing. You can improve your game and prevent injury by strengthening these muscles and keeping them flexible. It doesn’t take a lot of exercises to accomplish your goal. Just do two or three exercises to condition your back and hips.

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The third step to a better golf game is mechanics. A faulty golf swing can actually cause injury. If you are new to the game of golf, it would be a good idea to find an instructor who can show you the proper way to swing a golf club. If you have been playing for a while, you might want to analyze your swing to make it more efficient.

Good mechanics are important because it can prevent common injuries such as back, shoulder, knees. With the proper technique not only will you be able to stay away from pain, but your golf game will improve also.

Golf fitness for seniors is the same as for anyone else. They can do the same exercises and techniques as other golfers. The three steps are exactly the same. Strive to prevent injury. Condition the muscles through a regular fitness routine. And lastly, fitness for golf involves practicing good mechanics in your golf game.

To improve your golf game and to enjoy it more, follow the three steps to a better golf game: 1.Prevention 2. Conditioning 3. Mechanics. fitness for golf

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