Fitness At Your Desk: Maintain Your Energy Even When You Are Busy!

Fitness at your desk can be useful when you don’t seem to have time to exercise. We’re in a technological age and many jobs require a lot of desk time. Even if you’re busy at home and don’t think you have time to work out, there are simple things you can do to get some exercise in.

First of all, be conscious of your posture when sitting for long periods at a desk. Start with a good chair for posture and support. Stand up every 30 minutes, stretch a little bit, walk in place a few steps. This can be done even while you’re working. Just get the blood circulating and body loose a few minutes at a time. It doesn’t even have to interrupt your work.

Throughout the day roll your wrists and stretch your arms. Stand up from your chair and bend from your hips to the front, then to the sides and back. Just a few repetitions are all you need.

Do you ever wait for something to download or upload or reboot to the computer ? Take this time to walk around a bit, stretch, depending on what setting you’re in you could even do some tummy crunches or a few pushups.

Get a balance ball to replace your chair, or you can even purchase chairs that have the ball built in as a seat. This keeps you in a constant state of motion and is actually better for your spine. This can help to keep you energized during the work day. Don’t sit still, keep moving your legs, your arms, your hands, constant movement will burn calories. The main objective of course, is to move in various ways throughout the day which will help to keep you feeling energetic.

Doing fitness at your desk doesn’t replace a regular exercise routine, you’ll still want to get out and get moving for at least 30 minutes a day as much as possible. What it will do is to help you to maintain your energy level and keep you feeling good. To help get yourself through the day, try fitness at your desk.

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