Exercise With Pain: Know Your Limits To Improve Your Fitness

Exercise with pain sometimes can’t be avoided. There are times when our bodies have minor aches and pains either from working out or from a small injury. If the pain you experience is not the result of a dangerous condition, you can often work around it. As always, it’s a good idea to see your doctor before you do any exercising with any type of pain. Your doctor can help you to know what your limits are as far as the type of exercise you can do to help relieve pain.

Exercise actually increases endorphins in the body as you work out. Endorphins are substances your body produces that fights pain, the natural pain relievers of our body. Working through minor soreness or injuries is helped by these endorphins. Endorphins also help reduce anxiety and depression conditions that generally are associated with excess amounts of pain. Exercise also balances the serotonin level of the body. Serotonin regulates appetite, mood, sleep, and muscle contraction in the body.

If you undertake a rehabilitation program after an accident or injury, exercise can help manage the current pain and help to prevent further injury. It can even help arthritis patients in various stages of arthritis and may improve the condition of cartilage in the joints.

Those that have typical lower back pain can use stretching movements to manage and relieve the pain. Along with stretching, you can use walking and other exercises to ease your pain. This strengthens bones, increases flexibility, and improves joint health. Water exercising can be used if there is concern for joint pain, or severe back pain, and can even be used for osteoporosis patients.

Once again, your doctor can tell you if you can safely exercise to ease pain. You need to know your limits so that you don’t cause any further injuries. Start with mild and easy exercises, recommended by your doctor, such as walking or stretching, and gradually work towards more as you get comfortable. Don’t forget to work within your limits when you exercise with pain.

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