Exercises For Women For Improved Tone And Fitness

Exercises for women emphasize toning rather than bulking type of exercises. Women don't need to lift heavy weights or train super long hours to see the great benefits of regular exercise.Most women seek to tone up and burn calories through exercise and diet. A balanced approach is the best way get fit and tone the body.

The good news is that to tone and shape the body, you don't need a lot of fancy equipment. Toning exercises can easily be done at home with very little equipment.

The legs and stomach areas tend to be the bodyparts that women want to target the most. Leg exercises would include walking, squating, and lunges. All of which can be done with just the bodyweight.

Stomach exercises would include crunches and various floor exercises such as the plank, etc. to work the abs area. These type of exercises can easily be done without equipment and in the privacy of your home.

For those that want to add variety and progression to their workouts, adding a set of dumbbells, or resistance bands can further enhance your fitnes routine. Adding an exercise ball also is a fun way to improve your routine.

An effective program of exercise would include both cardio and strength training. The idea is to start slowly,then as you get into better and better shape, you would increase the intensity over time.

Most exercises for women do are the same as the men. The main difference is the goals that are set for each group. Men tend to want to build muscle size and strength from their workout efforts. Women on the other hand want to tone and shape their body so that they look better in their clothes.

Here are a few exercises that you can do to tone and shape:

  • Bodyweight squats
  • Incline pushups
  • Side plank
  • Exercise ball crunches

Women that want to further amp up their exercises should include weightlifting on a regular basis. The following are just a small part of the benefits you can gain:

  • Lose 40% more fat
  • burn more calories
  • clothes fit better
  • better moods
  • sleep better
  • add years to your life

With a combination of cardio exercises, resistance exercises(also weight lifting), and a sensible diet, most women can realize their goal of a fit,strong, toned body. Aslo overall health and fitness will be greatly enhanced.

The first step is to check with your doctor about what type of exercise you can do. This is especially important if you have not done any formal exercise for many years. Once you get clearance to exercise, start with a few exercises, then gradually add to your routine until you are finally in pretty good shape.If you need instruction on what exercises to do, try checking out books, or DVDs from your local library that show the proper way to perform them. You can also buy books and DVDs from Amazon.com or your local bookstore, if you choose.Whatever you do, start today to get toned and fit. exercises for women

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