Exercise Routines For Fun: Ten Different Styles

As Featured On EzineArticles Exercise routines-Deciding on an exercise routine for a fitness program can be a difficult task. Your fitness goals and experience play a part in what you choose to do. The good news is that there are a lot of choices that can make exercising fun as a lifestyle activity. The following are ten styles of exercise that can help you decide what you might want to try as part of your workout schedule:

1. Pilates- similar to yoga, low impact, develops strength, balance, flexibility, and inner awareness.

2. Yoga-low impact, promotes flexibility, strength, and balance; reduces stress

3. Jazzercise - fun way to exercise through dance movements, good social activity, adds variety

4. Aerobics- low intensity, low impact, works large muscle groups, classes and videos available

5. Weight-lifting/strength training- resistance training that can be combined with other general training, may take some equipment

6. Martial Arts- useful as a way to keep fit as well as for self-defense training

7. Cardio- elevates the resting heart rate, would include fairly intense aerobic activity

8. Running/Sprinting- running at various paces to increase heart rate and improve health

9. Water Aerobics- minimal impact on joints, body toning and flexibility can be developed

10. Walking Fit- walking on a variety of inclines outdoors or indoors, one of the easiest, best ways to get fit and remain fit

Adding variety to your fitness routine can be a fairly easy thing to do. Just choose one or two types to start with. Rotate your schedule from time to time. Why not try something new? You may find two or more of these activities will fit your lifestyle very well. It’s always a good idea to change your routine on a regular basis to keep things fresh. Try one or more of these exercise routines.

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