Exercise for Seniors Can Be Simple

Exercise for seniors doesn't have to be complicated or hard. The main consideration is to proceed at your own pace and to assess your present condition. You will benefit as long as you are in reasonable health and have your physicians permission to begin.

One thing that keeps many people from beginning is that they don't know how to motivate themselves to stick to a daily fitness program. Making exercise fun is one way to make it a part of your daily life. Find activities that you can enjoy and don't seem like a chore. This could include activities like gardening, and house work,walking,or hiking, as well as sports type activities like biking,bowling, swimming, even running.


Another way to motivate yourself is to set goals for improvement. Star out slowly with just a few minutes per day. It is just as effective to work out for ten minutes at a time three times per day as it is to spend thirty minutes all at once. So set a goal to break up your sessions to make it easier on yourself.

Although it is recommended that you should spend an hour of concentrated activity per day, it doesn't have to be formal. Simply walking for thirty minutes a day is a great way to stay active. Once you are in pretty good shape you can even graduate to running if you are so inclined. Working out four or five times per week is the goal you should shoot for. At first, two to three days per week would be the minimum. Keep in mind that at first it will take some effort to get into shape. Once you are in shape it becomes a lot easier to stay in shape.


Another way to motivate yourself toward your goals is to use a pedometer when you walk.This can help you to keep track of your progress as you gradually increase your distance over time.

Keeping a training log is an excellent way to motivate yourself also, no matter what type activity you decide to engage in. Writing down what you do daily helps you to see your progress and to set attainable goals as you continue.

Start at your own level. Set goals to gradually improve your fitness level. As a senior you'll be amazed at the progress you will be able to make physically. A big priority in your life should be exercise for seniors.

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