Exercise Dos And Donts: The Top Ten

Exercise do’s and dont's can help to develop good exercise habits. Exercise and motivation are important to keep you working toward your exercise and goals for fitness and health. Here are some points to consider when working out:


1. Warm -up before you workout. Stretch after your workout.

2. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing to workout.

3. Wear exercise shoes with good arch support.

4. Pick a certain time of day to workout. Try to stick to it.

5. Set mini-goals each workout. Write them down.


6. Don’t start an exercise program without consulting your doctor if you have not exercised in a while.

7. Don’t workout too long or too hard when starting out. Take your time. Five minutes can be a good start.

8. Don’t workout too close to bedtime; it could keep you awake.

9. Don’t forget to get your rest; Getting rest and sleep helps you to exercise more effectively.

10. Don’t forget to eat well. Eating well helps you to have the energy to enjoy your workouts.

As you continue to exercise and get fit, think about having fun with your fitness sessions. The do’s and dont's can help you to stay on track. Keep the top ten exercise do’s and dont's in mind.

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