Exercise And Breathing Together For Improved Health And Fitness

Exercise and breathing go hand –in-hand as an important part of your health. Breathing is often overlooked as something that needs to be addressed in a workout program. About the only thing you may read or hear is that you should not hold your breath during exercise, which is very good advice. But you also should at least become aware of your breathing so that you can make your workouts even more effective.

Proper breathing of course helps to get more oxygen into your system, which helps your muscles to work more effectively. In most cases, as you exercise, your breathing takes care of itself. Depending on the type of activity you’re doing,your breath naturally increases to meet the demands of the activity. It really isn’t that difficult to simply make yourself aware of how you are breathing and when to consciously breathe when necessary. For example, when you lift a weight,you should normally exhale when you push or pull, then inhale when returning to the start of the movement. The most important thing to remember is to make sure not to hold your breath while exercising.

Another time to be aware of your breathing is when you are resting between exercises. You can help recovery time by taking a few deep breaths as you wait for the next set of repetitions. Proper breathing techniques during exercise will prevent getting that exhausted feeling and increase the amount of time you are able to continue the strenuous activity

Focused breathing can also help to reduce stress and enhance well-being. You might try brief meditation and breathing techniques before and after exercise to improve your fitness results. During exercise focused breathing can also help you to maintain a rhythm.

In the process of weight loss, oxygen + water = you burning fat. Simply drink up to six-eight glasses of water per day and be more aware of your breathing as you exercise. This can help improve your weight loss efforts.

Obviously, breathing is as important for your health as exercise itself. You can benefit from paying attention to your breathing as you workout. Just try to be a little more aware of your breathing as you exercise: exercise and breathing.

For tips on breathing techniques click here.

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