Exercise And Aging Together For Independent Living

Independent Living

Exercise and aging should go together to promote independence for older adults. The ability to live and move without assistance is an important thing to have in life. Part of living a quality life is being able to move and do things for yourself. Simple activities such as grocery shopping or even house work is affected by lack of muscular strength and stamina. As aging takes place independence becomes more and more precious. Staying active can mean the difference between living by yourself or having to have assistance for everything that you do daily.

Inactivity can cause frailty in adults. With lack of strength can come problems with moving about freely. It can cause bone mass to decrease thereby possibly causing injury due to falls. These are problems that can be prevented or reduced by strengthening your muscles and bones. Endurance Exercise

Endurance training is important for heart health and breathing.Your heart and lungs benefit from activity that improves circulation throughout the body. It improves stamina for everyday events such as grocery shopping or house work. Diseases such as diabetes, and heart disease and stroke can be prevented. Longevity can be increased. Hospitalization and death rates can also be improved.

Strength Training

When muscles are neglected by inactivity it is important to build them up again through resistance training. This will enable you to remain or become more independent. When muscles become weak even getting up from a chair independently can be difficult. Resistance training can also strengthen bones to help prevent breaks and other injuries. Another side benefit is that metabolism is increased which burns fat while your body is at rest.

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Balance Exercise

Often older adults are concerned about possibly falling as they go about their daily tasks. Balance movements can be used along with resistance training to help prevent falls and injuries. These movements would include standing and doing such things as toe raises and hip flexions. Along with balance movements flexibility movements can help prevent injuries. They can also be used to help individuals to recover from injuries. Having increased flexibility goes a long way to improve the quality of movement as they are used with the other training that have been discussed.

Check with your doctor to get you on the path to more independent living.


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