Exercise Physical Therapy Can Help You Get Back On Track With Your Workouts

Exercise physical therapy should be considered when you have an injury that is exercise related. Often you can actually work out on a limited basis while having an injury. Of course it depends on the extent and type of injury it is. If the injury is fairly severe, you should talk to your doctor to find out what course of action you should take.

Prevention is always the best medicine as far as injuries go. Always make sure that you warm up your muscles properly before you exercise. Proper warm –ups for five to ten minutes each workout will go a long way to prevent any serious muscle pulls or strains. All it takes is to ease into a workout by either walking or jogging lightly for a few minutes. Or, to use slow, easy forms of the movement or activity you are preparing to do.

You should get your doctors permission to exercise after an injury if it is severe enough. Often you will be able to either continue with a light program of similar exercises, or you can work around the injury with new exercises. Actual long term exercise physical therapy may or may not be needed depending on the injury. Your doctor would advise you in that regard.

Some people think that complete rest is called for after an injury. The fact is that often exercise is the best thing for rehabilitating an injury. At first some rest may be needed, but then it is important to get blood circulating and to strengthen the muscles involved. This would be a good time to try other possible exercises to use in your routine. Variety is always a good thing to incorporate into your routine from time to time.

In some cases, such as a knee injury, you might be able to continue to exercise with a knee brace. You should make sure that the brace fits properly so that further injury doesn’t occur. Other types of braces such as ankle and wrist braces could also be considered to help you to stay active with your fitness routine depending on the severity of the injury.

In any case, make sure that you get proper diagnoses from your doctor if your injury seems extreme enough. Once you get the go ahead, don’t be afraid to change your routine to try other exercises. You can get back into the exercise game again through exercise physical therapy.

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