Elderly Exercise: How To Make A Positive Lifestyle Change

Elderly exercise for people 65 and older is often overlooked. Being active is as important for this age group as it is for every age group. Many of the conditions that appear in later life can be prevented, or improved by adding exercise to daily routines. The three areas that should be emphasized for elderly folk are strength, balance, and flexibility. These three fitness components help to enhance the quality of life for older people. The most important of the three is strength training. As we age, strength declines partly because of neglect. Elderly strength training can help keep older people active longer.

There are basic guidelines to follow as you develop an elderly fitness program:

-Warm-up, cool down about ten minutes before and after exercising.

-Increase your work out intensity slowly step by step.

-Exercise on a regular basis at your own pace.

-Work out at a maximum heart rate of 50% to 70%.

-Practice good posture as you exercise.

Other guidelines would be to try to spend 30 minutes a day three to five days a week. This can be done in five to ten minute increments through out the day. At least two days a week, do some form of strength training. Balance exercises can also be done on strength training days. Aerobics and flexibility exercise would round out a balanced program.

The benefits of exercise for the elderly are many. It is very worthwhile to pursue a more active lifestyle.


Better Sleep

Greater Social Interaction

Natural Endorphins

Combat Altzheimers and Dementia

Weight Loss

Improve joint health

Protect the immune system

Pursuing moderate exercise is a very doable thing for most elderly people. Just because you are 65 or older, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a very active and fit lifestyle. Make plans to improve your life with elderly exercise.

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