Diet Fitness Plans In A Nutshell

The diet fitness plans listed on this page will give you an idea of the programs that people are using. Many of these programs are good. Check out the ones that seem to fit your needs.


This is a balanced diet and exercise program. It emphasizes learning about emotional reasons for overeating. It is highly recommended.


Ediets is a popular online program. It is low cost to use.

Your personality is taken into consideration in this program. As your personality type is evaluated by a survey, all aspects of weight loss are addressed.Lifelong weight loss is the goal.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has been around for about forty years. It is a household name that most people will recognize. It is a program that is balanced in its approach.

Sonoma Diet

This is a balanced Mediterranean diet. You can find the program outlined in book form. Or you can find the program online.

South Beach Diet

A best seller diet plan for the past two years. This program is based on the glycemic index. It emphasizes foods that have a low effect on the blood sugar level.


A goal-based program that features a high carbohydrate intake, moderate fat, and low protein. If you are interested in toning or muscle building, this is not the diet for you. This also wouldn't be a diet suitable for endurance athletes.

Currently this program online and free of charge.

Glycemic Impact Diet

Based on the glycemic index, it is balanced incorporating 40% complex carbohydrates, 30% lean protein, and 30% healthy fats. Glycemic foods tend to make you feel fuller to help you lose weight.

5 Factor Diet

The 5 Factor Diet is primarily a fitness based program. It is based on the number 5; 5 meals per day, 5 days of exercise, and 5 criteria for each meal.This is one of the frequent meal plans. It can be found online.

Burn the Fat-Feed the Muscle

As its name implies this program also emphasizes building muscle through a comprehensive fitness and eating plan. Medifast

If you are looking fora diet plan that will allow you to lose weight very quickly, this program could be what you are looking for. It is primarily for people that need to lose 80 pounds or more.

It is a meal replacement program that includes real food. It also recommends frequent meals(five per day). It allows weight loss from 2-5 lbs. per week on a consistent basis.

This is one of the most successful low-calorie diets.

Food Factor Diet

The goal of this plan is to "detoxify" the body. The premise is to improve your digestion to help weight loss and health at the same time.

Best Life Diet

The author,Bob Greene, believes that you should try to answer questions as to why you are overweight. By changing lifelstyle habits, you can lose the weight.


Nutrisystem is a diet that based on the glycemic index. It is an online program that ships food directly to you. Portions are controlled for you.

There is also a part of the program that is called Nutrisystem Flex. It is a combination of 5 days of nutrisystem food and 2 days where you buy your own food.

The good news with this program is that it is far cheaper than Jenny Craig, which is a similar type of program.

Biggest Loser Club

Taken from the TV show, this program subscribes to exercise and diet to lose weight. There is an online version that allows you to use the same exercises and eating plan that the contestants use.

The diet plan is based on food groups, where there is a selection of foods for each group.

Zone Diet

This is 40-30-30 plan that tends to be too complex for many people.

Anne Collins

A very large selection of diet plans at a low cost, under $20. It has good programs to check out.

Body for Life/Eating For Life

This is a program that requires some dedication to follow, and is based online. There is a book available and and online program.

Mayo Clinic Plan

This plan is based on a healthy weight pyramid. Change One(Readers Digest)

Permanent weight loss is the emphasize with this diet plan. The idea is to change at least one thing in your diet each week. It is a good 12 week plan.

Perricone's Prescription

Perricone's program is actually an "anti-wrinkle" diet rather than weigh loss. It is found in his book, The Perricone Prescription: A Physician's 28-Day Program for the Total Body and Face Rejuvenation.

Mediterranean Diet

A health diet rather than weight loss.

Slim Fast

Slim Fast is a meal replacement plan. The products can be found generally in grocery stores.

Atkins Diet

This is a diet that allows only a small amount of carbohydrates. It is outlined in the book, The New Diet Revolution.

Although it this approach can work, it is not for everyone.

Slim in 6

Mostly fitness oriented. If you're interested in a beach type body, this diet plant could work for you.

Denise Austin

This is Denise Austin's online program called "Fitness Forever"

Abs Diet

This is another frequent eating program. There is a book, The Abs Diet, and an online program.

Jenny Craig

This is a calorie controlled diet plan. Although well-known, it is very expensive.

TrueStar Health

TrueStar emphasizes a holistic approach to weight loss. It talks about getting restful sleep, using vitamins and supplements, and goal setting.It is similar to the South Beach Diet.

LA Weight Loss

This is a bricks and mortar franchise with 650 centers throughout the Us, Canada, and the UK. It is generally not recommended because it is too expensive and pushy.


This is a network marketing company that sells diet pills and diet shakes. The program can work, however, you have to decide whether you want to take pills(thermogenic fat burners) the rest of your life or not. The products can also be expensive unless you decide to become a distributor for a discount. I have listed quit a few weigh loss programs. It can be very overwhelming to decide which one to try. My suggestion is to decide what you think might work for you based on the foods you like to eat. Also take into consideration the amount of daily exercise you want to do. When in doubt, don't hesitate to ask your doctor what he/she recommends as the best of the diet fitness plans.

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