Cardiovascular Exercise Equipment For Your Home Gym

Cardiovascular exercise equipment for a home gym is a convenient way to get aerobic exercise. When considering what types of equipment to put in your home gym, it's a good idea to start with one piece at a time. This can be easy on your budget as well as help you to get used to the equipment. You also want to make sure you will use it on a regular basis.


The first piece you might consider would be a treadmill. The learning curve is low. As you start to shop for a treadmill, try to find one that is not only reasonable in cost, but also is sturdy enough to last and get the job done.

Treadmill motors range from 1.5 through 3.0. For home use get one that has at least a 2.0 horsepower.

Another consideration is the size of the treadmill. Tread belts range in size from 14"to 24" wide and between 45"to 63" inches long. If you will be doing running on your treadmill, a larger belt with good shock absorption would be recommended.

The last thing to be concerned with is the display console. The display console varies from machine to machine. If you buy a good quality treadmill, the console will probably be of good quality also.

Be prepared to spend about $1000 for a good quality treadmill. Buying from discount sources can possibly reduce that cost.

Exercise Bike

Another piece of cardiovascular exercise equipment to consider is an exercise bike. There are two types to choose from. Recumbent exercise bikes all allow you to sit in a reclined position. This is a more comfortable way to pedal.

Upright exercise bikes are more like riding a road or mountain bike. Unless you are a bike enthusiast, you might like the comfort of a recumbent bike better.

Exercise bikes have some type of adjustable resistance. The less expensive models have a tension belt. The more expensive models have magnetic resistance.

Getting your heart rate up is important. An exercise bike should have a heart rate monitor to help you keep track of your heart rate as you workout.A good quality exercise bike would be in the $600 price range.

Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers can be a very good choice for your home gym. They tend to be low impact on your joints which makes it a comfortable way to get cardiovascular exercise.

The resistance from an elliptical machine is provided by tension from a flywheel. Some machines provide tension by raising the incline. Like exercise bikes, ellipticals have either tension from flywheel or from magnetic resistance. The higher quality machines have magnetic resistance.

The price of an elliptical can be very reasonable compared to treadmills or bikes. For the budget minded, the Tony Little Gazelle is the cheapest at $200. The higher quality machines range from $300 to $600.

Make sure that the machine you choose also has a heart monitor for measuring your heart rate during exercise.

Putting together a home gym one piece at a time is the way to go. It's not necessary to buy everything at once. Take a look at quality, comfort, and price in that order when choosing your home gym cardiovascular exercise equipment.

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