Burning Calories: 3 Steps To Rev Up Your Metabolism!

Burning calories is related to weight loss and metabolism. While it's true that your metabolism slows down as you age, there are steps that you can take speed up your metabolism.

Metabolism converts food you eat into energy. The rate at which an individual burns calories varies depending on body size, weight, physical activity, of course the food that is eaten.

There are three ways that you can burn more calories to help you lose weight or keep weight off.

Three steps to revving up your metabolism:

-Aerobic Exercise- activities such as walking, swimming, etc. done 30 minutes three to five times a week

-Strength Training- weightlifting and resistance exercise builds muscle that in turn burns calories even while you are resting.

-Daily Living- Any movement that you do through out the day can help you burn calories. Activities such as gardening, mowing the lawn, moping your floors, etc., any house work can be beneficial.

By incorporating the three steps of exercise into your life, the more calories you can burn to meet your energy goals.

A couple of other things that affect metabolism are the intensity of exercise and the leanness of the individual. The more intense the exercise the more energy used. The more lean body mass a person has, the more calories burned.

Follow the three steps to rev up your metabolism. You can increase your metabolism even while you rest. Be active on a daily basis to get you burning calories.

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