Brain Fitness Exersizes For Seniors

Brain fitness exersizes can improve the brain with various activities. Some may think that it is inevitable that as you age your mental capacities deteriorate. This is true only if you allow this to happen. It is possible to slow down and possibly reverse the effects of diminished brain function. Even in the case of Alzheimer’s and Dementia diseases, improvement and maintenance can be made.

Engaging in physical activities is a very important way to help keep the brain fit. By being active you can generate more oxygen to the brain therefore enabling your brain to function better. The other way to improve and keep your brain fit is simply to use it. You have probably heard the phrase “use it, or lose it”. Well, this applies to your brain also. The more you use your brain to think and to be actively engaged on a daily basis, the more fit your brain and mental abilities will be. This is where brain fitness exersizes can help. The following brain fitness exersizes are taken from a book called Brain Fitness, by Monique Le Poncin, founder of the French National Institute for Research on the Prevention of Cerebral Aging. These exercises are designed to "revive certain mental abilities before they slow down".

Try the following exercises using a small notebook as sort of a diary to record your observations and progress:


Observe an object or person. Try to draw that person or object immediately. At the end of the week try to redraw the seven persons or objects you observed.


When eating out of at a friend or relatives house, try identifying the ingredients in the dishes.Concentrate on the subtle flavorings of herbs and spices.


Try to memorize the dishes from your favorite restaurant menu. At the end of the day try to recall as many of the dishes and prices as you can and write them down.

When using the telephone, practice recognizing the callers before they identify themselves. Memorize their phone numbers. At the end of the day, write down the names of the callers and their phone numbers. At the end of the week try to write down all of the callers for the week.


Identify objects with your eyes closed. Visualize distance, size, volume, proportions. Estimate length and thickness.
Buy a jigsaw puzzle and practice putting the pieces together as quickly as possible.

When shopping, don’t use a shopping list. Instead invent a system of memory aids to take the place of the list.. Use whatever system works for you.

Card games are another good way to exercise your brain. Board games such as checkers and chess are also good.

Put variety into your games. Don’t play the same games all of the time.

Listen to news broadcasts on radio or TV. During the day, write down the key points discussed. Do the same in the evening.

Each time you read a book, when you get to the end of a chapter imagine that you must summarize briefly, orally or written, to someone who has not read it.Organize your life so that you aren’t doing the exact same things on a daily basis. Change the way you approach various tasks a little differently from time to time. For example , if you do something everyday in the same order, change the order of the task.

Further reading: LePoncin,M. Brain Fitness. New York, NY: Ballantine Books 1990

Exercising your brain is a lot like exercising your muscles. To strengthen muscles you can lift weights. To strengthen your brain you can do exercises to improve memory and concentration, as well as other cognitive abilities. You can maximize your brain by doing brain fitness exersizes.

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