Bone Health To Combat Injury

Bone health is one concern that older adults often have. As they age breaking bones in accidental falls becomes a major concern. As we age, our bone mass decreases over time. There are basically two ways to prevent or slow this process down. One way is to make sure that you are getting the proper amount of calcium each day. Calcium cannot be manufactured by the body, therefore it is important to eat foods that contain this nutrient.

The following are examples of good sources: Dairy products(milk,cheese, and yogurt), Dark green vegetables(bok choy, broccli), Calcium fortified foods(orange juice,cereal,bread,soy beverages, and to products),Nuts(almonds). As far as supplements are concerned, vitamin D is an important vitamin in that it helps in the absorption of calcium.

The second way to combat the decrease in bone mass is weight-bearing exercise. Weight-bearing movement helps to build and strengthen bone mass. The following are examples of weight-bearing activities:


2.Jogging or running

3.Tennis or Racquetball

4.Field Hockey

5.Stair climbing

6.Jumping rope


9. Hiking


11. Weight lifting.

By being active and paying closer attention to your diet, you can enjoy an improved quality of life through good bone health.

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