Bodybuilding For Seniors 80 Plus

Bodybuilding for seniors 80 plus should consist of cardio and light resistance training. At this age, the primary goal is to maintain health and longevity.

At the age of 80 plus, most individuals won't want to work with weights on a regular basis. However, if you are in good condition and want to use weights as part of your routine, it is possible. The main consideration would be to use extremely light weights in the form of dumbbells. Toning is the goal here, not to build big muscles.

At this stage, you can exercise on a daily basis. Since cardio workouts are the focus, the intensity will be fairly light and at your own pace. If you decide to workout daily, be sure to mix up your sessions to add variety to your routine. Other activities such as Tai Chi, or swimming are good alternatives for your sessions.

Here is a sample schedule:

Monday-Light dumbbells-15-30 minute walk

Tuesday-30-60 minute walk

Wednesday-Light exercise biking

Thursday-Swimming or Tai Chi or light aerobics

Friday-Light dumbbells-15-30 minute walk

Saturday-Light exercise biking or walking15-30 minutes

Sunday- Rest

As always it is important to gauge your own condition. You probably won't want to actually compete in bodybuilding contests. And although you will still want to look as good as you can physically, the primary thing, is your health and fitness level. There is no reason that you can't be healthy and fit after the age of 80. Bodybuilding for seniors at this stage will be to maintain a trim, fit body that can help you enjoy life to the fullest.

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