Bodybuilding Fitness From 70-79

Bodybuilding fitness in your seventies is still something that ambitious people can be involved in. Obviously, the intensity needs to be suited for this age group. Light to moderate intensity would be best at this stage of life. Cardio exercise to help increase longevity and health benefits should be emphasized.

It would be good to workout 2-3 times a week for about 30 minutes. Circuit training, which emphasizes cardio, is best for a good, intense workout. Repetitions should be in the 15 repetition range. At this stage, maintaining muscle and health benefits are the primary goals.

The rest between sets should be about 10 seconds. Rest about 1-2 minutes between each circuit or cycle.

You should still use two to three exercises per bodypart, upper, middle, and lower.

On rest days there is the opportunity to walk and do other cardio type of activities. Here is a sample schedule:

Monday-Circuit Routine


Wednesday-Circuit Routine



Saturday-Circuit Routine


Consistent and regular exercise is very important as you age. Bodybuilding is a form of exercise that can help people to stay with a routine. This type of training can keep motivation at a high level as personal goals of fitness and appearance are reached. Even at 70 plus, you can enjoy a routine of bodybuilding fitness.

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